Caryn has an allergy to hazardous chemicals and unfortunately most people wear some every day.

They hide out in the unregulated fragrance so this is one of the number one ingredients in any product to avoid.

Most all commercial bath and bodycare products and laundry products containing the ingredient “fragrance” or “scent” or “perfume” or “parfum” will have a good quantity of hazardous ingredients in it.

If you are wearing this ingredient when you visit or see Caryn – stand back 5 or more feet and let her know not to approach too closely!

Do an air hug rather than risk getting it on her.

Don’t ride in her car or sit on an uncovered surface in her home or the car.


Products that Caryn knows are safe for her:

Pangea  ~ all products ~ face creams,  facial cleansers, scrubs, masks, body lotions

Avalon Organics ~ shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, body soaps, shave cream – all products

Earth Mama, Angel Baby ~ all products ~ shampoo/body wash vanilla orange and nonscents varieties, all balms and lotions (if you use this shampoo, it is castille-based and a diluted vinegar rinse will help detangle the hair and improve shine and bounce), the orange deodorant is great

Aubrey Organics ~ organic hair spray, facial creams, men’s stock City Rhythms lotion, aftershave, shave balm, body lotion, sunscreen
She is unsure about the deodorant

California Baby  ~ all products including shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, sunscreen, bug repellent

Seventh Generation ~  laundry soap especially free and clear, dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener, dish soap, auto dish soap, hand soap

Arm and Hammer Free and Clear laundry detergent ~ they are making a Sensitive scented product that is not likely to be nontoxic

Biokleen laundry soap

Charlie Soap laundry soap

Sonnet, Seventh Generation, Sun and Earth, Pure Home Dish Soap

Badger ~ all products (except bug balm on her skin, but fine for in the air/near her) including sunscreens (the damascus rose face sunscreen is delightful), balms, face oils, shave balms, oils and soaps

Any toothpaste

Essential Oils that are steam distilled and free of chemical additives like Young Living. DoTerra,  Aura Cacia, Neal’s Yard,  Now seem to be fine.

Rainbow Henna

Nourish Unscented line ~ Unscented body lotion, Unscented deodorant

Schmidt ~ Unscented Deodorant, Tea Tree Deodorant (some of the other options seem to be a bit intense and she wonders if they are totally pure, but they don’t have a strong negative impact)








Terrible stuff for Caryn that she should always stay away from:


DEET and pesticides including Avon Skin So Soft

Axe and other commercial deodorants

Tide, Bounce and commercial laundry products with fragrance in silicone beads

Perfume, aftershave, cologne, scented oils, perfume oils

Botanically-inspired rather than botanically-derived (don’t get fooled)