Icarus at Home: Coffee in NYC 2017

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The new series Icarus at Home previewed with the videodance Coffee in NYC at the Watermark Arts evening salon at Soma Studio in Highland Park, NJ on May 13th, 2017.

Liquid Zen Class from Karystos, Greece

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Dive with me at sunset June 24th 9-10p in Greece (GMT/UTC+3)/2-3p NY time (GMT-5)

Watch time lapse sunset video and RSVP at LiquidBody’s Facebook page
Take care of payment at LiquidBody’s Virtual Class page

The series of Liquid Zen classes are periodic, spur of the moment, whenever I can fit one in to the schedule and are accompanied by a water video zen moment.  Notification will be posted on LiquidBody’s Movement web pages and on LiquidBody’s Facebook and Linkedin pages.  (Send requests for times you would like classes to caryn@LiquidBody.org in case I can occasionally schedule those times)


Liquid Zen Class from Karystos, Greece