SOMA Fest L.A. 2012

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Local/Nonlocal Image Still from LiquidBody Dance Video

Local/Nonlocal Still

A luxurious week-long focus on somatic performance art included two LiquidBody Dance workshops, the Performance Lab which I taught with Emilie Conrad and Teri Carter, and a preview of the new LiquidBody Dance solo “Local/Nonlocal” with a new live music score by composer Nana Simopoulos.  I enjoyed deepening my perceptual relating in Susan Harper’s workshops and got a somatic taste of GaGa Dance from Stefan Fery.

Touching Gravity 2/Tilt

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Touching Gravity 2/Tilt videodance by LiquidBody

Touching Gravity 2/Tilt

Touching Gravity 2/Tilt is an interactive, aerial videodance superimposed on a composited image of two rivers in the towns of North Adams and Adams, Massachusetts. Part of the Networked Realities: (Re)Connecting the Adamses project, the two New England towns are (re)connected through a colorful, fluid, multilayered dance that incorporates the movement of the natural landscape from each town, seen through the “difference” blend mode of the Flash interface. Users can create and save their own versions of the dance by determining the order and timing of five different clips. Periodically, additional clips will be added so that both the dance and the user experience may evolve. Composer and instrumentalist Nana Simopoulos has contributed five tracks to accompany the five dance clips; each piece is played on a single instrument representing a different continent. Together, they form a single composition that is layered over the sounds of the two rivers, providing the listener with the ability to remix the musical textures.