LiquidBody Yoga at Becket Arts Center Fridays in July and August 2010.

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Just minutes from Jacob's Pillow, the place in the Berkshires that first captured Caryn's heart with its magical mix of nature and culture, Becket Arts Center will be hosting LiquidBody Yoga classes every Friday from 9:15a-10:45a in July and August 2010. LiquidBody Yoga is a creative fluid system process that recognizes that your body is mostly water that can be sculpted with simple sounds, breaths and movements. It works from the inside out to improve circulation and build liquid strength.   Through guided improvisational movement sequences that follow the natural curves of your bones, muscles and fascia, tension is released while honing a deep body-mind connection.

More LiquidBody Music in Athens, Greece

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It isn’t often that I get to perform at a space with a tree growing inside.  The show at Vinilion will preview the new work I have been working on with composer/instrumentalist Nana Simopoulos.  For a new piece I am calling Fractal, I have created a video collage of Greek sea and sky landscapes rippling through images of anatomical structures of the body and other natural forms.  This projected on my body helps to create the context for movement that resonates from deep fractal journeys into the bones, muscles and fascia of my body.  For the piece Nana calls Digida, I have created a Jitter patch that lets her virtuosic vocal improv control live video.