Ongoing Virtual Class Schedule 


Fall 2017
(from NYC)
August 28th-December 7, 2017 (no class on Thanksgiving Nov. 23rd)

Mondays     4-5p EST
Tuesdays    7:30-8:30a EST

Thursdays 2-3:30p EST

Winter 2017
(from Athens, Greece)
December 8, 2017  – January 6, 2018 (no class on Christmas Mon. Dec. 25th)

Mondays     4-5p EST
Tuesdays    7:30-8:30a EST

Thursdays 2-3:30p EST

Winter 2018
(from NYC)
Jan. 15 through March 15

Mondays     4-5p EST
Tuesdays    7:30-8:30a EST

Thursdays 2-3:30p EST

(note:  Thursday class is at 8a Friday NZDT and shifts with the daylight savings times in the US and NZ)

Note:  Ongoing virtual classes continue year-round and class cards can be prorated for virtual classes.


Notification of spur of the moment Liquid Zen classes will be posted here and on LiquidBody’s Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Liquid Zen classes are periodic, spur of the moment, whenever I can fit one in to the schedule.  Notification will be posted here and on LiquidBody’s Facebook and Linkedin pages.  (Send requests for times you would like classes to in case I can occasionally schedule those times)



LiquidBody On Location is a series of classes coming to you from locations around the world.  Often free if the connection is untested.



Exciting collaboration with Teri Carter:
Virtual Continuum Movement Ongoing Series ~ Autumn’s Turning
taught by Teri Carter and Caryn Heilman
Ongoing Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter series and Full Year series monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of the month 2p EST/11a PST and hopefully not too late for Europe
            videos of sequences, audio commentary, live monthly dives via videoconference

Each season has a unique quality, as well as, its pleasures and challenges. This Fall we will explore Autumn’s Turning through Continuum’s restorative potential, allowing us to experience the resonant and artful nature of our body’s fluid system. We come away able to navigate life with greater resilience, freedom and effectiveness. We’ll meet live via webinar the 2nd Wednesday of each month.


Autumn Live Session Dates:
Wednesday, Oct 11
Wednesday,  Nov 8
Wednesday, Dec 13
Time:  2 – 3:30pm eastern time


About LiquidBody Virtual Classes

Individuals and groups  with access to the phone or internet can schedule LiquidBody classes (and workshops) from the comfort of their homes, favorite movement spaces or wherever they might be in the world.  This is a great way to move together with friends or family whether they live nearby or across the globe, supplement in person classes or workshops, get extra individualized help when needed and keep your practice going when traveling or when you don’t have time to get to class regularly.  Virtual classes (and workshops) also make it possible for those outside of LiquidBody’s local communities (NYC, the Berkshires of Northwestern Massachusetts and Athens, Greece)  to enjoy what LiquidBody has to offer.

Connection methods:  Preferred methods of connecting online for visual and voice connectivity include Zoom,  Skype, Google+, Facetime and Facebook video.  It is also possible to connect via a speakerphone for audio only.

Your space:  Well-lit area big enough for you to lie down with room for arms and legs to move in every direction.

Scheduling:  Reserve a spot for LiquidBody’s regularly scheduled virtual classes or contact Caryn about other times for individual sessions or about leading a group you want to form at a time that works best.

Pricing:  LiquidBody’s regularly scheduled virtual classes cost $10 per class and $75 for a 10 class series.  Individually scheduled sessions cost $75 per session and can be divided between members of a custom-formed group.

Click here to purchase a Single Ongoing Virtual Class at $10 each

Click here to purchase an Ongoing Virtual 10 Class Series at $75

Click here to purchase a Custom Scheduled Individual/Group Virtual LiquidBody Session at $75 each


Please contact Caryn Heilman at least 24 hours before your preferred class at 646.845.9272 in NYC or email her at to reserve a space in an ongoing class, request a custom scheduled virtual class or to learn more about a virtual LiquidBody class.