LiquidBody Workshops 2021

Online Deep Dive Continuum Workshops
on the Second Saturday of each Month 3-6p ET

LiquidBody recommends taking time out once a month to dive more deeply than you can fit in weekly. Having three hours to layer the explorations is extremely valuable in deepening into the subtle shifts that add up to big changes over time.

These monthly workshops can be attended virtually from anywhere in the world. 

If you preregister for 3 or more Deep Dives, you will receive recording links to those virtual sessions. If you can just catch one or two, no worries – you can drop in at any time, but remember that with the recordings, you don’t have to be able to attend to enjoy the dive.

3 Week Workshop Options

Spring 2020 ~ Evolving Responses to the Today’s Tigers – Online only

Our ancestor’s survival circuits for fighting or fleeing tigers are not the only way we need to respond to danger today. We will be more likely to survive today’s “tigers” if we evolve responses that allow our bodies to choose from a wider range of options that preserve nuanced whole body system optimization and polyvagal tone.

Fall 2019 ~ Responsive Structure

September 8 ~ from NYC
October 13 ~ from the Berkshires, of NW, MA
November 10 ~ from NYC

Your system will always start creating structure in response to your movement – especially your relationship to gravity. It makes sense to have a practice that fills in a 3D sphere of capability so you are ready for anything and everything.

Winter 2019 ~ Generating Energy

Especially during the winter months when there are fewer outdoor opportunities for moving, having a practice that can help you generate energy as you move within the internal landscape of your body is quite luxurious.

December 8 ~ from NYC
January 13 ~ from Greece
February 9 ~ from Kansas City, MO

Annual Retreats

LiquidBody at Topia Inn:  Organic Nourishment and Continuum for your LiquidBody

at Topia Inn, 10 Pleasant St., Adams, MA 01220
Treat your self to Continuum’s nourishing somatic movement in one of the most nourishing environments in the world at Topia Inn.  Organic beds, linens and breakfast, and an all nontoxic building and operations will nurture your body environmentally while you dive inside to learn more about who you can be.

LiquidBody Movement workshop:  Gravity Play  in New York, NY, TBA from noon-3p EST, $50  Registration required

LiquidBody Movement Workshop, TBA

City In Motion, 3925 Main Street, Kansas City, MO
2-5p $35 Call 646.845.9272 or email to reserve a space.

In this introductory LiquidBody Movement Workshop, anyone interested in experiencing a fluid relationship to their body is invited to dive into a slow, gentle exploration of how breath and sound can activate a depth of sensation in bone, muscle, fascia and cell that cues movement that follows the inner landscape of the body.  Tension is released organically as circulation increases bringing with it a deep detox and nourishing aliveness.  Liquid strength builds effortlessly as mind/body awareness deepens.

LiquidBody Dark Retreat, Winter TBA,  Topia Inn in the Berkshires in Adams, MA
$450 plus discounted individual room rate and organic meals.  Continuum/LiquidBody Movement experience required.  Email or call 646.845.9272 with any questions and to reserve a space.  Click here for discounted room and organic meal  

Take a hibernative LiquidBody movement retreat with 3 full days in the dark to assure the deepest respite from the “fight or flight” your system may want a break from.  At Topia Inn your body will also get a rest from everyday toxins found in commercial bodycare and laundry products, building materials, processed and nonorganic foods etc.  You will sleep on an organic bed in organic linens with natural and organic bath and bodycare products  provided complimentary for your use during your stay.  The Inn was built and is cleaned nontoxically.  Air is HEPA filtered and refreshed every hour.  Solar electric and biofuel for heat and hot water sustainably power your private room with either a spa tub with chromatherapy or a rain shower with aromatherapy.   Check in Wednesday between 2:30p and 6:30p for a tour of the Inn and your room and if you have an hour or two before 7p take a hike at nearby Mount Greylock or Savoy State Mountain Forest or a walk or bike ride on the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail to let nature start to rejuvenate your spirit.   At 7p meet in Topia Inn’s dining room for a light organic dinner followed by a movement session from 8-10p to create the group field and outline the dive for the next three days.   Hibernate in the dark of your room for the next three days layering the dive sequence as your system rests and settles more and more deeply, emerging at mealtimes for nourishing organic food to bathe in the resonant group field accompanied only by the dialogue of Continuum sounding.   Reconvene after breakfast on Sunday morning for a final “song” together followed by sharing and another opportunity to move out into nature before heading back with the possibility of a more resonant relationship with your life [/box]    

LiquidBody Movement Solstice workshop,  Athens, Greece  December 21, 2019

Dive into a deeply relaxing and nourishing movement massage to rejuvenate body and mind as we journey through the light to dark of the solstice.  Starting in the late morning with an introduction to your fluid body and the breaths and sounds that resonate deep into your bones. we will create a movement flow that carries us through the afternoon that will wash away tensions, toxins and pain as we fill our systems with more energy, lightness and spaciousness.  A late lunch will give time for feedback and questions and in the evening we will convene for a final group sounding and movement dance by candlelight.

LiquidBody Summer Retreat, July 1-7 Bouros Seaview Retreat, Evia, Greece  

Take a week to dive at the sea to liquify your own fluid body’s tensions and cares.  Using sounds and breath to amplify the sensation of immersion in the inner ocean of your own system, you will move in deliciously slow undulating waves of movement from the inside out as you bring more circulation and mobility into your system releasing toxins, tensions and pain and effortlessly building liquid strength and mind/body awareness.  Healing the Aesclipian way you will be treating your body to organic and local food, sharing dreams, and gazing at stars.