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Caryn Heilman is a performing and media artist bringing her knowledge and artistry to a focus on the body and the environment it moves in.  In addition to creating audience-interactive stage and media works and somatic cinema, she teaches somatic movement, video editing and creates luxurious spaces for the body to move in.

Take Caryn's Online Courses Adobe Premiere Pro II and III this Spring

These two online courses offered through School of Visual Arts in NYC are a perfect way to take your digital storytelling to the next level.  Classes start in late January and run for 12 weeks.  A free Creative Cloud subscription is included in your tuition.

Joining Hands Call for Video

Inviting camera artists from all over the globe to submit videos for inclusion in 

Joining Hands, an interactive video installation inspired by Sophia Naz’s poem “Hands” 

Audience-Interactive Multimedia Dance Works and Somatic Cinema

LiquidBody Weekly
Virtual Class Schedule


4-6P ET
Continuum Class


Join Caryn for a one or two hour guided somatic movement dive starting at 4p or 5p

7:30a-9a ET
Continuum Class


Start your day with flow and mind-body awareness.  Choose to start class at 7:30a or 8a and stay an hour or longer.

7:30-9A ET
Continuum Class


Another chance to begin the day with movement.  RSVP required.  Choose to start class at 7:30a or 8a and stay an hour or longer

3:30-5:30p ET
Continuum Class


Move with others from around the globe starting at 3:30p until 5p or 5:30 ET

 LiquidBody Sun, Sea, Stars Retreat

In Person! 
on a remote island in Greece

August 2-6, 2021

Sun Sea Stars Image over a Greek Sea Vista
Five Days of Movement


Arrive by 6pm on Monday August 2 for an evening session and light meal.
Tuesday to Thursday:
Workshop in the morning 9am to 11am
Afternoon free
Evening Session 7pm to 9 pm
Leave Friday after the morning session by 11:30am

led by Caryn Heilman


5 days by the sea nourished by deep fluid movement dives, sun, sea, stars, fresh air, crystal clear water, farm-to-table meals in the ancient Aesclepian healing roots of Greece.

Optional morning shore dive and evening star walk.

For directions visit
Pay what you can for the workshop.
Rooms €20 per bed
Meals €20 per day

LiquidBody Monthly
Virtual Workshop Schedule


Second Saturdays
3:30-6:30p ET
Continuum Class


Once a month take the time for necessary self-care with a 3 hour deep dive

Private and Group Sessions

You can book a private session at your convenience or gather a few friends you want to move with and schedule a time that works for all of you!

Virtual Classes


or 10 for $75


Virtual Deep Dives


or 3 for $85


Virtual Private Coaching


Let Caryn know when you want to move together

LiquidBody Online Courses

when you want to move on your own in your own time

LiquidBody Virtual Collaborations


Third Wednesday
2-3:30p ET
Continuum Virtual

 with Teri Carter

Teri and Caryn continue the Continuum Virtuals that Emilie Conrad started with an ongoing quarterly series of three monthly live virtual sessions and demo video 

Spaces and Coaching

Evolve Your Sleep
Evolve Your Sleep

Sleep Coaching for the Whole You

Somatic Cinema
Somatic Cinema

LiquidBody Media Art Works

Topia Inn
Topia Inn

an Oasis of Organic Luxury

School of Visual Arts Movement Story and Editing Courses
School of Visual Arts Movement Story and Editing Courses

Movement Story and Adobe Premiere Pro II and III

Bouros Seaview Retreat
Bouros Seaview Retreat

Get Away to a Remote Island in Greece

SOMAfest Greece
SOMAfest Greece

5 days of somatic movement arts on the Greek island of Evia

Teri Carter's Somatic Movement Arts
Teri Carter's Somatic Movement Arts


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