LiquidBody Virtual and In Person Classes Winter 2018


Virtual and In Person LiquidBody Classes this winter will be happening at LiquidBody’s West Village home studio in New York City.  The Monday class stays constant for students in Melbourne, Australia ~ 3-4p EST (New York City time) (7-8a Tuesday morning Melbourne time).  Tuesday class will work for international movers in Europe and elsewhere as well, and can also be a nice way to warm up for the workday in the Midwest and East Coasts of the U.S. from  8-9a.   Thursday’s class also follows an international clock – this time Christchurch, New Zealand where it is always 8-9:30a ~ which for winter is 2-3:30p EST (New York City time).  In the dead of winter here in the U.S., it’s  fun to connect with summer in Australia and New Zealand, and movers across the globe!