Caryn is so happily a part of this festival again this year, teaching a LiquidBody workshop for dancers, performers and somatic movement artists and also co-teaching with Emilie Conrad and Teri Carter a Performance Lab. The only festival of its kind and in my opinion, the most exciting frontier for American Modern Dance – one that follows a trajectory I have identified from Isadora and Graham to Emilie Conrad. From the website: ” In its fourth year, this pioneering event enhances somatic awareness in practice, performance and daily life. Fostering physical and perceptual transformation, individuals from all walks of life learn to bring themselves more fully to every experience, enhancing art-making and the performance of life. Our workshops help deepen creativity, presence, holistic health, self discovery, internal spaciousness, sensory awareness, liquid strength and refined physical articulation. We’ll explore how somatic experiencing awakens our inner world for a more profound connection with the performing environment and the world at large.”