LiquidBody Dance creates audience-interactive multimedia stage works with live world music and aerial dance that feature collaborations between visual and performing artists.

LiquidBody dance uses somatic improvisational structures within choreography that mine the particularly rich and exciting jewels of possibility presented by a fluid systems approach to the body.  The water we are mostly made of is an amazingly resonant medium that is highly responsive and mutable.

The use of sound and breath is a powerful way to shape movement, leading to a wealth of new movement vocabulary that has a deep kinesthetic impact as well as being visually stimulating in its organic complexity and coherency.  This also leads to interactive possibilities for resonant connection with the audience in ways that exponentially raise the bar on the movement potential in performance.  The energy and flow of the audience is a palpable element in the mix that supports live performance, and this can be enhanced or focused with a sound or simple gesture.  No two evenings are exactly the same (though the structure is apparent through repeated viewings) and there is an immediacy that is irreplaceable.  Live world music played by acoustic instruments rich in overtones, including the Indian sitar and the Aboriginal didgeridoo, deepens the contours of the performance.  Video projection adds a magical and organic visual layer to some of the pieces.  Aerial dance segments enhance the physical dynamism in select pieces as well.

See repertory for descriptions of dances currently in the 2023 repertory.