“Alchemy, with choreography and video by Caryn Heilman of New York-based LiquidBody, won the prize for the most unusual.  Ms. Heilman danced in front of a video projection that flashed images of earth, air, fire and water.

Before she began, she asked the audience to make sounds for each element: a long “ooh” for earth, a hiss for air, a gurgle for fire and an expelled “ha” for water.

When the curtain went up, she appeared in a flesh-colored unitard, and as the images changed, she moved with articulate grace.  For earth, she twisted snakelike; for fire, erupted in energy; for water, undulated like a mermaid.  Every part blended beautifully with Nana Simopoulos’ original music and Chad Jung’s lighting.”

Margaret Putnam, Dallas Morning News, March 30, 2003

“People are still talking about the absolutely extraordinary concert you put on here.  I knew it was going to be great, but I wasn’t prepared for how great. Really, really marvelous performance – both the dance and the music.  It was truly one of the best things we’ve ever had here, and that includes some pretty powerful work.”

Tim Blunk, Director
Puffin Cultural Forum – a center for dialogue through the arts

“On behalf of the staff and audiences at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, we would like to thank you for giving such a distinct and innovative Inside/Out performance on August 17th.  We enjoyed having you as part of our 2001 Festival.”

Charlotte Wooldridge, General Manager, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival


“I continue to get feedback on how amazing your performance was last weekend….students and friends…. my friend Julie, who does massage for me, called FIRST thing Monday morning to say how totally engaged she was with your performance/work.”

Susan Douglas Roberts, Associate Professor of Modern Dance,
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

“Just poetic”

John Parker, Broadcaster/Poet Actor
Fort Worth, TX

“I very much enjoyed the informality of the process of audience participation, combined with the beautiful video lighting – and, of course, appreciated the inspired dancers.”

Nicholas Croft, Photographer
Purchase, NY